ImageGimp is the Chrome extension that gives you the power over images. Tired of viewing images in a boring way? Try out ImageGimp to give your browser some some much needed pep. Current Version 1.0.8
By default, this command will show the box, if it is hidden. It can also show imagelists in the image box, actually printing out the images, as opposed to just making the list. Make sure to preload images before trying size matching, and remember that the order of commands matters.
show allshow all images in the list
show {foo}show only images that include the text foo
show (14)show the first 14 links
show(5,16)show images from 5 to 16
Neither number is necessary
(,#) will start from the beginning
(#,) will stop at the end of the list
(,) is synonymous with show all

show [large]show images that are large
There are 5 image size categories: tiny, small, medium, large, extra large

show[medium]{foo}(5)show the first 5 medium images with the word foo
Current Version
ImageGimp 1.0.9
Released on
Aug 2, 2011
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ImageGimp is created by Hamilton Cline